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What in the World is going on in the World of Employment?

Do you run an HR department or small business and are trying to
recruit new candidates?

The world of small business is seeing a drastic reduction in the number of candidates applying for open positions. We are no different and I have to admit it is scary. Small business owners rely on the workers they hire to run the daily operations of the business. Without viable workers; customers are unable to have their needs full-filled and without customers, businesses have no revenue.


When you are in a service field, like I am; there is an added component of unsatisfied current customers. Say you lose a team member and are unable to acquire a replacement in a timely manner, the only choice is to skip the customer. In doing this, a few things can happen:

  1. The customer is understanding and will wait until help is hired.

  2. The customer is disappointed and will wait a short time until help is hired.

  3. The customer is not understanding and deems the business unreliable. (this is the worst case scenario and can damage a businesses reputation quickly)


So what can be done to fix or prevent this? Unfortunately, I am struggling with the answer to this question as are various other business owners I have talked with. We are spending large amounts of profit on advertising within several platforms with very little success. As I always say, keep pushing and something will give sooner or later. If you have planned your business emergency funds as I've taught then you have a little bit of time to get things back on track.

Good luck to anyone who needs it and I will update as things improve or I learn ways to help you!

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