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Office at Home or Home Office?

These days many of us are being forced to work from home. Sounds great right? Well not if you are a workaholic and can't put work away for family time. Here are some tips to make that space more work friendly, but less like you live at work.

Home office: If you have a dedicated room for an office, great. Having a place that is all work can be helpful right about now. However, if you made your office a little too comfortable for you to be able to stop working at a decent hour, then listen up.

  • Try to stand instead of sit, so you will be able to eventually feel like stopping.

  • Setup a timer to let you know when you have been at it too long and need a break.

  • Adjust the room temperature so you are not feeling warm and relaxed (after all most offices are way too cold anyway).

  • Setup an alarm when it is quitting time.

Office at Home: If you don't have a separate room already setup, then try these tips out to give you the perfect workspace.

  • Find a room that you spend the least amount of time in, this way your brain will want to quit when work is done.

  • Make sure to have a sound barrier between kids playing and your work calls.

  • If you will be having conference calls, check that the background is something you would want everyone on Zoom to see.

  • Limit the amount of supplies that you use to make it easier to clean up at the end of the day, this will also help you stay organized.

  • Setup alarms to tell you when to stop working and spend time with loved ones.

Working from home can be beneficial if you keep yourself on track. Try to schedule the amount of time you work close to what you would work at the office. The extra time you would spend driving should be spent with family and not extra work. Keeping your mind focused will help make your home working beneficial to you and the company you work for.
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